Caitlyn Jenner really has dominated entertainment news for the entire month of June. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all has been her personality because it seems to be incredibly different from what we all came to expect from Bruce Jenner. He seemed quite content to live a quiet life and tried to steer away from calling any attention to himself. Jenner has, in sharp contrast, completely embraced the spotlight and it has most certainly caused some backlash, even from within her family. Apparently her demands for the upcoming ESPY Awards are bordering on ridiculous.

Jenner is scheduled to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at those ESPY Awards. According to a report by Radar Online, "Caitlyn demanded 30 free tickets for her entourage. No one's ever asked for that many! ESPN officials weren't happy about it, but they had no choice. Bruce was embarrassed to ask for perks and always let Kris do the dirty work getting free swag and VIP treatment. But he must have been watching closely, because Caitlyn's acting more like a Kardashian every day!" says an insider.

Are you surprised that Jenner seems to be seeking all of the publicity that she can garner? As for asking for that many tickets for her entourage, how do you think she has gone from feeling uncomfortable for asking for perks to making grandiose demands within a matter of weeks? Is it that Jenner is just riding on this new and different wave of fame and eventually she will circle back and become a bit more grounded? Or do you think that she is really going to end up being more high maintenance than the Kardashian ladies are?

It has been a little over three weeks since we were all first introduced to Caitlyn, what are your thoughts on her so far? Tell us in the comments below!