Is Khloe Kardashian really okay? While she was once known to be the funniest and most realistic Kardashian sister, she seems to have swapped some of that in favor of indulging in some seriously risky behavior. Her favoring bad boys such as French Montana and The Game has led to Kardashian choosing to run in circles that are filled with drugs and gang activity. While the Kardashian family seems to have its' hands full with issues lately, the concern for Khloe's safety and well-being is a serious issue.

In the last several weeks, Kardashian lost one friend, rapper Chinx Drugz, in a drive-by shooting and another, Jamie Sangouthai, in a drug overdose. Sadly, it seems like she has no intention of backing up and away from this troubled group of friends that she has been running with. "Khloe has worked so hard to get in with this group of people ... She wants to be seen as hardcore so bad and only hangs out with people that help in that image for her," explains an insider for Radar Online.

Ironically, much younger step-sister, Kylie Jenner also seems to be following in Kardashian's footsteps and favoring running with a similarly tough kind of crowd. Do you think that the family's concern will prompt Kardashian to reign in her wild side a bit? Or will she continue to choose to stay on a really dangerous path simply because no one can tell her what to do? Kardashian seems to have a really stubborn streak when it comes to feeling like people are trying to control her and it has likely flared up in this situation, don't you think?

Do you blame the Kardashian family for being concerned? Is there anything that they can really say or do that will change Khloe's current life choices? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!