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5 Seconds of Summer 'She's Kinda Hot' Review: Quirky Guitars & Lyrics Lead New Album

by Carolyn Menyes   Jul 17, 2015 10:00 AM EDT

5 Seconds of Summer have slowly been prepping the release of a new album, and now the first taste of the follow-up to its self-titled 2014 LP has arrived. Today (July 17), 5SOS unveiled the new lyric video for its sophomore effort's lead single, "She's Kinda Hot."

Channeling the ebbs and flows of My Chemical Romance's 2007 hit "Teenagers" mixed with the vocals of Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, "She's Kinda Hot" takes 5 Seconds of Summer mildly away from the poppier sound that helped launch them to super stardom and brings back the acoustic guitar the band first rose to fame for.

At its core, "She's Kinda Hot" is a quirky little number, with marimbas sitting just below the surface of the picked guitar work in the opening verses. To fit with the song's funky little melody, 5SOS sing about being alright despite society telling them otherwise. "My shrink is telling me I got crazy dreams / She's also saying that I got no self esteem / She's kinda hot though / She put me on meds, won't get out of my head / She's kinda hot though," the group sings in the opening verse in a theme that continues throughout the rest of the track. Despite being losers of slobs or a little insane, 5SOS is alright and the leader of a new broken scene.

What helps "She's Kinda Hot" to be a glimmering spot in 5 Seconds of Summer's discography is the chorus, when the acoustic guitars and marimbas drop out and the tight power chords and punchy percussion kick back in. It's the sort of hook that will get stuck in your head for more than five seconds this summer.

"She's Kinda Hot" is the lead single from 5 Seconds of Summer's forthcoming second album. Further details surrounding that release have yet to be revealed.

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