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'Scrubs' TV Show Rushed to Broadway in a Musical Adaptation, Bill Lawrence (and Maybe Zach Braff) Involved

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Feb 21, 2014 10:37 AM EST

With a large fan base and pervasive theater undertones, 'Scrubs' is finally getting a musical stage on which to perform. Zach Braff won't star (at least not yet), but he will be active behind-the-scenes.
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

For whatever reason, Scrubs was a successful television show that yielded a pretty loyal fan base.

The TV series appealed to a wide array of audiences and was acceptable enough (as much that a guilty pleasure can be) for crowds young and old.

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It also had this weird theater aspect to it...and that's this horrible segue into the latest news on the Scrubs front.

The successful--not necessarily a hit nor classic--medical dramedy will see a musical debut for the stage. Congrats?

A television show becoming a musical is not necessarily commonplace as the transition is normally reserved for movies and books. Sort of.

Nonetheless, creator Bill Lawrence found a way to get a production of the show singing. Yet, he couldn't close the deal with a Zach Braff appearance.


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