February 18, 2018 / 6:48 PM

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We Don't Need No Education: Savannah School District Slashes Music Programs, National Survey Claims Music Classes Remain "Steady"


Public elementary school programs, partly non-athletic extracurricular activities, seem to be on the decline since the late-2000s. During the school day, music programs are rumored to be getting the ugly axe to make way for more core-essential, core-oriented reading and math courses.

With a high focus on fundamentals, schools K-12 seem to be disengaging students with music and pushing towards a more strict discipline.

At Haven Elementary School--in Savannah, Ga.--students receive a mere four hours a month with music teacher Chris Miller in his mobile classroom, barely outfitted with a desk and some chairs.

Principal Sharon Draeger says, "When I taught here we actually had a pretty good chorus."


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