During his epic Twitter rant last week, Meek Mill took shots at Drake, infamously tweeting he "doesn't write his own raps" in addition to firing away at Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree Samuels, calling him gay and a number of other emasculating insults. Mill even went as far as posting a video of what appears to be Samuels "twerking." Apparently, Minaj's former beau is fed up and has had enough of the disrespect from the pair and has decided to air the couple out with new diss track, "Lifeline."

In the new track, Samuels comes for Nicki's new man's appearance as well suggesting he wrote some of her bigger hits on her third studio album, The PinkPrint, which he actually was the A&R for. This is a huge accusation due to the fact that Mill just aired out Drake over the same thing.

Samuels raps, "This n**** bent outta shape with a gorilla face/ My bars on 'The Pinkprint' no one will ever match/ My d*ck- print lil n**** u could never match."

In addition to hurling some insults about Mill's appearance, he also addresses the topic of why the couple seem to be so obsessed with him if Minaj is so happy in her new union. Safaree raps about how he's clearly moved on saying, "you see my new b*tch" referring to his lingerie model girlfriend.

Just last week, the trio was engaged in a Twitter battle going back and forth regarding text messages and emails exchanged between Minaj and Samuels, causing fans and followers to wonder if it will ever quite be over for the two.

After listening to some of the lyrics from the diss track, Minaj and Samuels may be preparing to sever ties for good, as he mentions due to Minaj not having him in her corner anymore, her career is doomed to flatline. Ouch.

Take a listen to the track below, and tell us what you think below.