Hip-hop fans have been paying close attention to the beef between "Back to Back" rapper Drake and Meek Mill. The "All Eyes On You" rapper sent shockwave throughout the hip-hop world when he went on a Twitter rant calling out Drake for not writing his own raps. To make matters worse, Mill has been the butt of ridicule after fans have heard not one but two responses from the "6 god," while listeners have yet to hear one from Mill. It appears that a few eager fans have taken the matter into their own hands and started a GoFund Me to help Mill pay for those studio costs that may be preventing the rapper from sharing his much-awaited response.

Mill zealots began to scratch their heads wondering exactly where is the rapper with his response? After all, this is the fight he started. Not to worry, a few good men erected a fundrasing page n his honor seeking to raise $3000 in his honor, Complex reports.

Ha. We're sure Mill can afford to pay for his own studio time---at least we think. Otherwise, why the poke the bear if not to elicit a reaction and give a response? However, Drake has given more than his fair share of those, which is why we are simply waiting on Mill at this point.   Although Mill's tour deejay, DJ Bran assures us he has something up his sleeves as he took to his Twitter to infer that Mill is about to drop an atomic bomb on fans, fans still remain skeptical.

Monday night (July 27), Mill was allegedly scheduled to premiere the track via Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex's 7 o'clock hour, but alas it never came to pass.

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