Last night at the Grand Theater at the Foxwoods Casino, Yes regrouped and returned to the stage with a tribute to its recently deceased bassist and constant bandmate, Chris Squire. The first post-Squire concert began with all the lights shut off except for one beaming spotlight on a white Rickenbacker bass—an instrument that screams Squire—where the musician once stood.

During the joint gig with Toto, the British progressive rock band—consisting of Jon Davison, Alan White, Steve Howe and Geoff Downes—somberly displayed a photo montage on the video screens while the 1978 Tormato hit "Onward" burst through the PA system. Following the third song, frontman Davison said "We're all celebrating the magic of music, but also the remembrance of a great friend. We love you, Chris." As the show progressed, he called companion and bass-playing Billy Sherwood a "badass cat."

Earlier in the week, drummer Alan White explained to UltimateClassicRock that it was "not going to be easy" tackling band duties and performing without Squire, who was a constant presence with White for 43 years. "We have to get it just right," he said, "because there were certain things with Chris and myself that only he and I knew about - little things in the music. We have to go through that kind of stuff, the little 'Chris-isms' in the music that I have to work out with Billy. We just have to look at it. Billy is a very adequate player and has a great voice. He kind of knows all of Chris' parts; he was his mentor as he was growing up playing. He knows all of Chris' harmonies, too."

According to Rolling Stone, Squire passed away from erythroid leukemia in June, leaving an irreplaceable hole in the group, although he urged them to continue on after his death. Granting his wishes, the group tore through fan-favorite tracks including "Siberian Khatru" "Owner," "Roundabout" and the expected "Starship Trooper."

1. "Intro / Firebird Suite"
2. "Don't Kill the Whale"
3. "Tempus Fugit"
4. "America"
5. "Going for the One"
6. "Time and a Word"
7. "The Clap"
8. "I've Seen All Good People"
9. "Siberian Khatru"
10. "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
11. "Roundabout"
12. "Starship Trooper"

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