February 25, 2018 / 4:22 AM

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Watch the Video for Roxanna's "Close Your Eyes," Her Second Single from 'Exotica' (Roxart, Inc.)


Just talking with Canadian bel canto Roxanna, via Skype, from her base in Toronto, it's pretty obvious what makes her such a great singer.

In speech alone, Roxanna's voice is a clear, confident one. She phrases answers--lithe and limber, with excellent intonation--like her best musical lines. Her voice draws you in with equal parts information and compassion.

Soothing, never strident, Roxanna makes you want to listen to her.

Call it her bedside manner; it's something she first learned as a registered nurse.

"I do believe that music can heal," Roxanna says. "In fact, that's how my singing career got started. I had a very sick patient who I just started humming to. To soothe him, really. He responded so well that his father soon became my sponsor."


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