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Tame Impala Share "Let It Happen" Music Video From 'Currents'

by Ryan Middleton   Aug 17, 2015 13:15 PM EDT

It has been one month to the day since Australian rock outfit Tame Impala released its third studio album Currents. Now the band, led by frontman Kevin Parker, have unveiled the music video for the new record's first single "Let It Happen."

The clip is a trippy, nightmarish scenario of man who attempts to catch a plane at an airport, but his health quickly fails and he hallucinates various terrifying situations.

It starts off rather innocuously with the air traveler running to try and catch a flight. Once he reaches the gate, things take a quick turn for the worse as collapses in a heap, clutching his chest. The camera zooms in on his face and the hallucinations begin as he is transported onto the plane where things to be alright, until he quickly teleports into a hotel room as the health problems continue.

Doctors come to his aid as he tries to take some pills and collapses on the floor. He returns back to his original plane only to go flying out of it and ends up in freefall for a short period of time. The hallucination jolts back the airport floor as the man appears to slip into death, and falls into a light in the midst of some dark and stormy clouds. It is a dark interpretation of the phrase "Let It Happen."

The "Let It Happen" video is a dark view on air travel, which has become a constant in the lives of Tame Impala as they tour their chart-topping new album Currents. The LP went No. 1 in several countries including Australia and Holland, while hitting No. 4 in the United States and No. 3 in the UK.

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