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Jewel announces new album: companion piece to 'Pieces Of You' will be recorded live in front of Everyday Angels

by Carolyn Menyes   Mar 6, 2014 11:32 AM EST

Sequel albums are all the rage nowadays. Yesterday (March 5), singer-songwriter Jewel announced she would be following in the likeness of Beck (Morning Phase) and Eminem (MMLP2) by recording a companion piece to her smash hit 1995 album Pieces Of You.

According to Billboard, Jewel will be recording the new album in a similar way to Pieces Of You, which blended together live performances with a band and solo recordings from Jewel.

She will be recording the album on March 21 at The Standard in Nashville, but will also be doing some takes at the RCA A Studio.

"I've just always sung better live," Jewel said. "There's certain songs that, when I do them in front of an audience it brings out an emotion in me that I don't get just sitting in a studio."

She will be performing in front of a crowd of her "Everyday Angel" fans, members of her community who support each other and various good works, as inspired by Jewel's lyrics. In partnership with GoFundMe, Jewel is bringing two special fans, Fabio and Alia, to the performance after they won a video contest.

The album doesn't have a definitive tracklisting or title quite yet, despite the fact that the live performance is a little over two weeks away. Jewel hopes to release the album in the final quarter of 2014 or the first few months of 2015, lining up with an autobiography she has in the works.

The new record will be Jewel's first studio album effort since 2010's Sweet And Wild. However, she did release the Christmas album Let It Snow: A Holiday Collection in November.

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