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Being Mary Jane Season 3 Spoilers: Car Crash Conclusion, Casting News and More

by Wanda J Coppage   Sep 3, 2015 14:45 PM EDT

TV fans look forward to the return of their favorite fall line up of programs in anticipation of the return of their favorite show. One of these favorites is BET's Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul. With season 3 ready and set for a premiere date of Oct. 20, viewers can expect the show to pick up right where it left off; packed full of drama, special guest appearances and the confronting of secrets that were revealed with the season 2 finale, as shown in the Season 3 sneak preview.

In the season 2 finale we last saw Mary Jane driving her vehicle after learning of the secret sexual relationship had between her best friend Lisa and her on-again off-again boyfried David. After receiving an accidental phone call from David, a distraught Mary Jane over hears a conversation between the two that revealed more than she could bare, which ultimately led to her involvement in a head on collision with another driver.

EW reported that season 3 will pick up immediately after that scene, introducing a new character played by actress Loretta Devine, who was driving the other vehicle struck by Mary Jane. The accident leaves Mary Jane, TV news anchor, absent from work on medical leave and allows for a new person to come in and almost take her job. Family ties and tragedy also play a large role in this season's story line as The Electronic Urban Report revealed more spoilers including the guest appearance of Jill Scott, in the role of Niecy's (Mary Jane's niece) mother who's back in town only for a short period time to cause more drama for Niecy and to physically reconnect with Patrick, Niecy's father. 

But the ultimate teaser stems from the clip of the season 3 sneak preview where Mary Jane's mother, Helen, confronts Lisa about her relationship with David asking her whether or not she slept with David. Watch below:

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