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Listen: Lord Huron's "The Birds Are Singing At Night" off 'A Walk In The Woods' Soundtrack

by William Hoffman   Sep 3, 2015 22:26 PM EDT

Lord Huron, the indie folk outfit out of Los Angeles, contributed five songs to the film, A Walk In The Woods, and the first of those tracks, "The Birds Are Singing At Night," is streaming exclusively on Vulture.

A Walk In The Woods follows the story of travel writer Bill Bryson (Robert Redford), who retires from his long-held job only to embark on a journey to walk the entirety of the Appalachian Trail -- 2,200 miles from Georgia to Main -- instead of spending time with his wife (Emma Thompson) and large family.

Unfortunately, the movie has not been well received thus far, receiving a low 49% on Rotten Tomatoes for being "too pedestrian."

Still, even if the movie won't fill you with philosophical thoughts about the very existence of our world like other wilderness movies (Into The Wild anyone?), the music most certainly will.

Like a good Bon Iver or The National song, Lord Huron has an uncanny ability to capture nature's most subtle aspects. "The Birds Are Singing At Night" is an expansive indie-folk song that feels bigger than it is. Ben Schneider's voice echoes atop the pacing acoustic guitar and a thumping reverbed bass drum as he sings about the often transcendental feelings we all get from time to time when we feel close to nature.

Lord Huron's debut album, Lonesome Dreams, came out in 2012 to great critical acclaim, much of it due to the band's ability to capture those sounds and feeling of closeness to nature. Schneider grew up in Michigan singing songs along Lake Huron for which the band is named after. It would seem there was no better choice of band to capture the Appalachian nature the movie was aiming to evoke.

A Walk In The Woods is in theaters now and the movies' soundtrack is due out tomorrow. Check out Lord Huron's fall tour schedule on their website, listen to the song on Vulture and watch the band's music video for "Fool For Love."

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