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Angelina Jordan, Age 7, Channels Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday" on 'Norway's Got Talent' Audition

by Louise Burton   Mar 15, 2014 11:20 AM EDT

First it was Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent. Then it was Amira on Holland's Got Talent. And now 7-year-old Angelina Jordan has become the latest pint-sized prodigy to amaze the judges with her mature-sounding voice, during an audition for Norway's Got Talent in which she sang a cover of Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday."

Wearing a white dress and no shoes, Angelina stood on the stage of Norway's Got Talent and softly sang the opening notes of "Gloomy Sunday," the song Holiday made famous in 1941, gaining confidence and volume as she sang. Her uncanny ability to sound like the tragic jazz singer brought tears to at least one judge's eyes. The judges and many in the crowd gave her a standing ovation after she finished.


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