After a messy display between former couple Erica Mena and Bow Wow (Shad Moss) the two have called it quits. Following their separation, Wendy Williams shaded Mena on her broken engagement to Moss, and the reality star responded very quickly to the snarky remarks. Although the Mena and Moss have yet to come together to make a public announcement, the two have removed all traces of each other from their respective social media accounts. Talk show host Williams weighed in on the two's break up, and she didn't have very many pleasant things to say about Mena.

On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the host discussed the pair's messy break up that stemmed from Moss calling Mena "lame" after she revealed to fans that she had a miscarriage five months prior. According to Bossip, Williams, who discussed the duo's break up during her "Hot Topics" segment.

"She's really only known for being on that ratchet show Love & Hip Hop. A very lovely girl from what I know, I don't really know her but very good-looking woman. But when Bow Wow got engaged to her after only dating for a few months, I was gagging. Are you serious? Bow Wow, your mom is going to flip," Williams said. "I know guys like girls like that but they normally don't bring em home. And they definitely don't engage them with a ring. Sorry Erica. Well, they got engaged but you know I said that they would never actually get married. I mean she's pretty for a hooker. She's a snack not the main course with a ring!"

Mena, who has a reputation of being a firecracker herself, was none too thrilled when she got wind of Williams' comments. Mena immediately took to Twitter to take a few jabs at the media mogul, hitting her where it hurts.

Following his broken engagement, it appears that Moss may be trying to reconcile his relationship with his mother's daughter, Joie Chavis. He recently feuded with former Steelers Quarterback Kordell Stewart for liking his baby mama's sexy Instagram pic.