Say what? Empire is known for dropping lines that'll make you clinch your pearls, especially when Cookie is in the scene, and episode 2 of season 2 falls right in line. We've recapped "Without a Country" with 8 of the craziest quotes from the episode.

"We don't need this place. We can start our own company." -Cookie

Episode 2 opened with Cookie rolling full steam ahead with her plan to dominate a music company, whether it's Empire or not. With her potential business partner, Mimi Whiteman, eventually deciding to side with Lucious, Cookie was forced back to the drawing board and apparently, she's ready to do things her way with the help of her sons, Hakeem and Andre. The three are seen carrying their things out of the Empire office and then shifts to a split-screen montage with Andre's wife, Rhonda, in tow and mention of Anika. Cookie summons Ghetto Ass Studio as the new company's main base of operations.

"If it weren't for women like me, b*tches like you would spend a lifetime on your knees or under my 20-year-old son." -Cookie

Clearly fed up with Anika's inability to seal the deal with Whiteman, Cookie shot down Anika's attempt to help with the new company. Despite their seemingly casual interaction on Episode 1, the two are apparently back at each other's throats with tensions still mounting from the previous season.

"I saw dad today and he wants you back at Empire." -Jamal

After a jail visit with Lucious, Jamal is determined to get Hakeem back to Empire. Despite his involvement in the hostile takeover, Lucious is willing to set aside their differences in order to assure that Hakeem's album gets released.

"The reason I'm not drinking is because I'm pregnant." -Rhonda

While trying to convince Jamal to let Andre come back to Empire, Rhonda reveals that she is pregnant. She first shared the big news on the finale of Season 1 after hitting Vernon in the head and killing him in the midst of a scuffle with Andre. Following her announcement, Jamal agrees to put in a good word to Lucious.

"Matter of fact, I could kill you right now. Wouldn't be no consequences. Just another dead rapper." -Officer McKnight

With last week's villian, Frank Gathers, no longer in the picture, Lucious finds himself up against another opponent while behind bars. Ludacris makes a guest appearance as a crooked prison guard who is being paid off by the prosecutor to taunt the music mogul. Early in the episode, Lucious is denied his medication before he meets the guard on the yard and an exchange of words occurs. Elsewhere, he breaks up Lucious' secret jailhouse recording session and throws him in the hole.

"My album, the one Empire wasn't gone drop, I leaked it online." -Hakeem

The youngest of the bunch decides to take matters into his own hands by releasing his album online. Facing possible lawsuits from his father and Jamal, Hakeem's risky move seems to give him great pleasure while causing friction between his business partners. Andre decides to throw in the towel before the new venture with Cookie and his baby brother gets off the ground.

"Pray to God that he forgives you 'cause I don't." -Lucious

Andre visits his father in jail and pleads for his position back at Empire. Unfortunately, Lucious doesn't see his return fit for his plans. He questions his son's relationship with God and quickly dismisses him. In return, Andre questions how Lucious can accept Jamal after putting him in a trashcan and ask Hakeem to come back even after a night with Boo Boo Kitty. During their exchange, Lucious has a flashback to his childhood with Kelly Rowland playing his mother.

"This court finds that Mr. Lyon poses no flight risk and rules to release him on bail." -Judge

After hiring a new lawyer named Thirsty Rawlings, played by Andre Royo, Lucious is once again a free man. Since their meeting in the visitng area, Thirsty works diligently to get Lucious his medicine, recording equipment he got thrown in the hole for and even finds scandalous photos of the judge that help get his client released early.

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