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How Did Child Singers Angelina Jordan, Amira Willighagen, Jackie Evancho Learn to Sing Like Adults? By Studying at "YouTube University"

by Louise Burton   Mar 22, 2014 13:38 PM EDT

Seven-year-old Angelina Jordan from Norway recently astonished listeners by imitating jazz singer Billie Holiday when she sang "Gloomy Sunday" during her audition for Norway's Got Talent.

The small girl told the judges she chose the song after listening to a recording of Holiday on YouTube.

And a few months ago, nine-year-old Amira Willighagen amazed judges with her mature-sounding voice when she sang Puccini arias on Holland's Got Talent.

Even more amazing is Amira's statement that she is completely self-taught. She says that she learned how to sing by watching YouTube tutorials.


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