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Warren Wint on 'They Talkin' Video With Rich Homie Quan and Jack Thriller [Interview]

by Mereb   Oct 2, 2015 16:42 PM EDT

Former BET 106 & Park hype man and rapper, Warren Wint opens up to Music Times exclusively about his new music video, "They Talkin" which features comedian, Jack Thriller and "Type of Way" rap star, Rich Homie Quan.

The young star reveals how he got the big rap star to make a cameo in the video, his time at 106 & Park and dreams of landing on XXL and the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher one day.

Music Times: Where did the inspiration for "They Talkin" come from?

Warren Wint: My brother and his team...they do their thing.... get their money. I done seen these dudes blow thru $50,000 in a matter of a month a half tops. I felt inspired from the grind versus the fabrication presented by some artists today. It's crazy when you actually do something and see people talk about it but it's all a front on their end.

MT: What's your relationship with Rich Homie Quan and Jack Thriller? How did you get him to appear in the video?

WW: Shoutouts to Rich Homie Quan! My people actually set that up. I walked into that whole situation like "Oh!" he was real cool. We had a dope conversation. He gave me his contact and all that. Jack Thriller I knew for some time now so, it was just a matter of time before we collaborated!

MT: As a rapper from Long Island, do you get a lot of flak for growing outside of the boroughs?

WW: Not really. People don't depict me as a "Rapper From Long Island." I think I've exceeded that stereotype if you will. People respect the fact that I rep where I come from. Unlike most that will pose as if they come from one of the boroughs, but now currently live in Long Island. I'm proud of my city.

MT: What kind of rapper do you say you are? In comparison to whom...

WW: I'm an MC. I motivate, I control the crowd. I invoke emotion. I can't really say. I leave that up to the people. I get compared to early Jay [Z]. Nas. Lupe [Fiasco]. Kendrick [Lamar]. I've even heard Big L one time from Columbia. I'm truly humbled. But, I am Warren Wint.

MT: Will there be any mixtapes, future collaborations in the near future?

WW: 'W.I.N.T: Back To Culture's coming soon! W.I.N.T stands for Written In Native Tongue. Future collabs... just have to wait and see!

MT: Aside from rapping, how else are you keeping yourself relevant?  WW: Actually, just wrapped up a film with Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box entitled "Rules & Regulations" which is in the editing process at the moment. Just did a read for King of Paper Chasin' 2 -- shoutouts to Core, DL, Triple Beam Entertainment. Working on Executive Producing that soundtrack as well. Also, planning on writing my first film. I do a lot of things within my community too! It will come to light before you know it.

A photo posted by Warren Wint (@warrenwint) on Aug 12, 2015 at 1:09pm PDT

MT: You seem to have entertainment hosting roots. How was it working on 106 & Park? Were you disappointed to see it go?

WW: It was amazing! Definitely, appreciated the opportunity. I had so much fun. The people showed me so much love. The staff. The audience. It was overwhelming! I was definitely disappointed. Only because it was the Last of the Mohegan to me. TRL fell. It stood. It had a good run while it lasted. But shows like that are needed because it brings the people, the fans, closer to the music, their beloved artists and characters in an interactive way.

MT: Do you aspire to land on 2016 XXL cover? Or even with close ties with BET, can we possibly see you on the BET HIP HOP Awards cypher?

WW: If it calls for it. In this day and age, most platforms make it seem as if it's a popularity contest. Which, I guess in essence is the name of the game. But if it's in my path, I'll gladly take the role! BET, I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more in depth with them they've been nothing but wonderful to me. I need to be on the cypher! Lol. But again, if it calls for it, it WILL happen!

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