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UPDATE: New York Mag's Pop Critic Jody Rosen Responds with Shelfie to Tongue-Tied Ted Gioa's Daily Beast Column

by Logan K. Young   Mar 23, 2014 16:52 PM EDT

UPDATE: Like ex-SPIN scribe Charles Aaron tweeted at the start of the fracas, the best way to get another critic to recognize your work is to simply slag them off. And so, Jody Rosen of New York magazine's Vulture blog did just that...with a shelfie.

Not to be outdone, Pitchfork's Mike Powell delivered the next jab, followed by ex-Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston via her Tumblr.

Other retorts:

Evan Sawdey for Popmatters

Tom Hawking for Flavorwire

James Inverne for Classicalite

A very interesting piece comes to us from Ted Gioia at The Daily Beast about music criticism, or rather its death, or rather its inability or unwillingness to use technical language or display, you know, any kind of actual knowledge. It's especially interesting because it seems to take the viewpoint of mainstream, pop music criticism, referencing outlets like Billboard and even American Idol (I know, that last isn't exactly a bastion of intelligent criticism but apparently Harry Connick, Jr. was sniggered at for using the word "pentatonic"). Sigh.


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