Dave Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus in his role as the vocalist for thrash band Gwar, was found dead in his home in Richmond, VA. Reports indicate that investigators don't suspect foul play, but a cause of death won't be deemed until an autopsy is performed. The band had recently returned from a short tour in Japan. 

Brockie was one of the founding members of Gwar, an outfit that was perhaps better known for its stage show than for tis music. Brockie studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University before forming the band, and his background came out when crafting the band's personae. Every member performs in fantastic/bizarre costumes, fitting to Gwar's backstory that the group comes from another planet. Brockie's costume was most-noted for the long blades reaching from his skull-shaped shoulder pads. The band earned a reputation for its live show, which included blasts of "blood" (and other "bodily fluid") into the crowd. 

Randy Blythe, vocalist for fellow Richmond metal band Lamb of God, offered a statement on Instagram after hearing the news. 

"My friend Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus, the singer of GWAR, has left the building & taken off back to his home planet," Blythe posted. "Dave TRULY WAS ONE OF A KIND - I can't think of ANYONE even remotely like him...My band learned how to become a real touring band from GWAR - they gave us our first shot at this thing." 

Obviously the news is too fresh at this point to conjecture about where Gwar will go from here. However, Brockie's influence on the band's personality was so great that it's tough to imagine them continuing from here. 

It's the second death the band has undergone in recent years: Guitarist Cory Smoot passed away after a heart attack during 2011. 

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