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Spice Girls Alum Victoria Beckham Slams Divorce Rumors, Defends Marriage to David

by Morgan Murrell   Oct 6, 2015 21:42 PM EDT

Spice Girls alum, Victoria Beckham, is finally opening up about the divorce rumors claiming they were barely seen around each other that have been circulating around. In the latest issue of Grazia, she defends her marriage to husband David Beckham by slamming all allegations that state otherwise.

"I have never listened to, or commented on, the rumours about any aspect of my life," Victoria told Grazia. "I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children."

The couple, who's been married since 1999, has faced a variety of criticism throughout the years about their marriage, and their busy work schedules haven't helped with the allegations. Their respective schedules have sometimes even kept the two apart for weeks on end or equalled them taking trips alone, including David's recent trip to Dubai.

When it comes to outsiders looking in, it can be very easy for someone to assume there's trouble in paradise between a couple when they're not together 24/7. Even in today's age with social media, people are quick to assume the worst when someone's significant other begins to make a less frequent appearance on their profile.

"Yes, we travel a lot with our respective businesses and charitable commitments, but we always make time for each other as a couple and as a family. David and I have nothing to prove. We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents."

The 41-year-old fashion designer and the 40-year-old retired soccer star have four children together, including Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Harper Seven and Cruz David. Worrying about useless gossip is the least of their concerns. Victoria revealed their main goal for their family, especially their children, is to teach them to be humble and giving.

Their son, Romeo James, ran a children's marathon earlier this year for charity, ultimately raising a substantial amount of money through various sponsorships. David has maintained the title of UNICEF Ambassador for 10 years now and is very vocal towards the fight to end AIDS. Philanthropy seems to run through their blood and has since the beginning. Victoria and David actually met at a charity event.

"My husband constantly inspires me and guides me - he has done so much good work, I look up to him and have the utmost respect and admiration for all that he has achieved. David and I both have a strong work ethic and I believe that's a good example to set our children. David and I explain to the children what privileged lives they lead. We tell them that in many places in the world children are hungry, homeless and sick."

Despite the rumors that surround their relationship, Victoria is happy the way she balances her family, career and love life.

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