Enya has announced the details for her first album in seven years, Dark Sky Island, out November 20, 2015 via Warner Bros. The Irish singer-songwriter also released a lyric video for the album's lead single entitled "Echoes in the Rain," which you can listen to below.

Dark Sky Island will be Enya's eighth studio album, breaking the artist's relative silence since the 2008 release of her Christmas-themed And Winter Came. As reported by EDMSauce, Enya is known for her collaborative efforts on thematic content, and Dark Sky Island  will not be an exception. According to Billboard, "the new recording is the culmination of roughly three years' work between Enya and her producer and sound enginer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan, her so-called 'creative triumvirate.'" Enya states on her website that the album draws inspiration from Roma Ryan's collection of poetry about islands, specifically the island of Sark which was recognized in 2011 as the planet's first "dark sky island," meaning it is free of light pollution and ideal for stargazing. In a statement to Billboard, Enya further explains that "this album has a theme of journeys. Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans."

Enya rose to pop-stardom status with a number of hits from the late 80s and early 90s. Celebrated for creating ethereal pop soundscapes full of chill-inducing reverb and delay, Enya is regarded by many (including Nicki Minaj, according to Pitchfork) as the "Queen of New Age." Give the Celtic New Age Queen's new song "Echoes in the Rain" a listen via the artist's YouTube and check out the album's tracklist below. 

Dark Sky Island tracklist:

01. "The Humming"

02. "So I Could Find My Way"

03. "Even in the Shadows"

04. "The Forge of the Angels"

05. "Echoes in Rain"

06. "I Could Never Say Goodbye"

07. "Dark Sky Island"

08. "Sancta Maria"

09. "Astra et Luna"

10. "The Loxian Gates"

11. "Diamonds on the Water"

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