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EXCLUSIVE: Dan Deacon and Kronos Quartet's App Collab, 'Four Phases of Conflict,' @ Lincoln Center Out of Doors [iPhone PHOTOS]

by Logan K. Young   Jul 29, 2013 17:41 PM EDT

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Four Phases of Conflict
for string quartet, electronics and audience
By Dan Deacon

The piece is to be performed by all people in the room: audience, stage performers, crew, staff, security, press, etc.

When called for, follow either the cue of the onstage performer--or the TIMER on stage--for when to advance the next steep. Completely read each STEP before you start it. Dont' forget, you are just as much a listener as you are a creator of sounds.

Take each instruction to the utmost extreme and perform it with sincerity. If you have a smartphone or tablet (DEVICE), please install the Dan Deacon App. Your DEVICE will be needed [as] an instrument in the performance. Once you have installed the Dan Deacon App, put your DEVICE into 'Airplane Mode' and turn your volume up all the way.

If you don't have a smartphone or device, and a STEP calls for one, just rest for that STEP. Please silence all other phones.

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