has unveiled the music video for her new collaboration alongside Diplo, "Kamikaze." The singer has stormed into the ears of millions worldwide as the voice of the worldwide smash "Lean On" with DJ Snake and Major Lazer and looks to capitalize on a new collaboration with the main man in the Peace Is The Mission trio, Diplo.

The video is as care-free and fun as the track itself. It follows MØ and a bunch of her friends around as they drive, drink (not at the same time of course), party and generally do rambunctious things around in a rundown part of a city, getting tattoos and driving forklifts with couches on them. Things looks they should be a good time in the world of MØ as things are as carefree in the video as they are in the song. She is wearing some of the same types of clothing that is found in the "Lean On" video as well.

She shows off plenty of her quality dance moves in a car, on the ground or on top of random objects as things get crazier and crazier towards the end.

MØ is hoping that "Kamikaze" will help build her profile after the success of "Lean On." It has the same forward-thinking pop aesthetic as the hit single with horn-heavy production from Diplo & co and very solid hook, but it may not be as catchy as the single she was just a part of.

The single was premiered by Annie Mac as the hottest record in the world two weeks ago and released shortly thereafter. "Kamikaze" can be purchased on iTunes or streamed or Spotify

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