When it comes to allies in hip-hop, things can get a bit tricky. This summer, Rick Ross found himself wedged in between Drake, a previous collaborator, and Meek Mill, who is signed to his label. Taking all of that into consideration, many have been wondering what type of pep talks Ross had with his MMG artist and he recently revealed the advice he gave Meek during his beef with Drizzy.

While on set of the music video for Black Market's first single, "Sorry," Ross opened up about the advice he gave to the Philly rapper.

"You do what you wanna do,” he said. “You express yourself with your music the way you want to do it whenever you’re ready to do it."

Earlier this month, the MMG boss stopped by the Breakfast Club and shared his opinion on the ordeal. While he was adamant in his stance that "nobody got bodied," he also believes that Drake and Meek's rift is "good for the culture."

The two rappers have been at odds since this summer following the release of Meek's Dreams Worth More Than Money. The album featured the Drake-assisted track "R.I.C.O.," which Meek later claimed the Toronto rhymer allegedly used a ghostwriter for. In a series of tweets, the Philly rapper blasted Drizzy for relying on the help of Quentin Miller, who is a credited songwriter on Drake's team. He also claimed that Drake did not support his album because it was revealed that he did not, in fact, write his verse.

Since then, Drake has become relentless in his response to Meek. He first responded to his hip-hop critics with a track titled "Charged Up" and then another diss track ("Back to Back") aimed solely at Meek. Not to mention Drizzy's unforgettable performance at his annual OVO Fest in Toronto.

During the more recent interview, Ross reverted back to his infamous beef with 50 Cent and elaborated on his mindset.

"All I was saying [at the time] was, ‘Obviously, these people don’t know me,'" he said. "'They don’t know I will jump out of a 50-story building for what I believe in. They don’t know. I’ma never stop. I’m a problem.’ That really was my mindset. I don’t fear nothing."

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