SoundCloud has unveiled a brand new Android app dedicated to its creators. Called SoundCloud Pulse, the new app will give content creators much more functionality to control and manage songs that has been missing for them in the regular app.

According to a new blog post, SoundCloud Pulse gives creators a wide array of new features which have partially been there in past variations of the regular app, but were taken away, presumably in an attempt to create Pulse.

The new app that is only available for Android at the moment, not IOS devices, allows creators to reply to comments on tracks, get up-to-date stats on songs, which is important for artists who are tour and can't always check such things on a computer and follow other users. Maybe the most important capability is that creators will be able to share sounds privately and publicly from the app, something that has been a major complaint from users for a long time with the current iteration of the app.

In the future, more updates and expanded features are expected to be rolled out including more in-depth stats, expanded messaging and more.

SoundCloud's Senior Marketing Manager Brendan Codey responded to a question on the blog post about why the company is doing two separate apps.

"Thanks for your question - This is something we discussed a lot internally. We want to meet the needs of creators and listeners as best we can and believe having two apps is the best way to do that," he said. "It's a challenge to keep an app with many features simple to use and easy to maintain. Having two apps allows us to iterate more often in each, without risking disturbing what's most important in each app."

Stay tuned for an IOS app and head to the Google Play store to get a copy of the new SoundCloud Pulse app.

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