Young Thug has released his tripped out video for "Thief In The Night" off of his new mixtape, Slime Season 2. It starts out pretty strange at the beginning and keeps it up until the very end. "Thief In The Night" is not even exactly a music video -- we can see it more as a visual from the rapper for at least the first two to three minutes.

The video begins at a gas station where two women with multi-colored hair in camo are convinced to attend a party. From the moment they get into the car and their driver gives a thumbs up outside of his Range Rover, it's weird. The car drives off into the night with blurry lights before it as the three make casual conversation.

Once the women enter the party, they obviously slip something into cups of Hennessy with sly smiles. They taste-test to make sure that it will be effective. The scene then flashes to graffiti laden walls and a city scape with bright lights as the rap sequences begin. It follows the babes n' bottles and cash motto often seen in rap, but is slightly creepier than that, perhaps due to the graffiti or perhaps the dim lighting. The women then end up drugging the guys and robbing them blind, hence the title.

Slime Season 2 itself faced some major delays before its release back in mid-September. The mixtape that features Lil Wayne was initially supposed to be an full-length album with infamous producer London On Da Track at the helm and with producers Metro Boomin and Southside also putting in time. Slime Season 2 was initially due to drop on the same day as Lil Wayne's LP Free Weezy Album.

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