March 20, 2018 / 1:31 PM

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Listening to the Bawdy Bellower Nerd: Amusing Anagrams of Famous Composers’ Names


James Inverne's article about Iestyn Davies' prank nameplate at Carnegie Hall brings to mind those anagram generators on the Web that will humorously rearrange the letters of any name you care to type in.

Just for fun, we here at Classicalite decided to test these anagram generators by typing in the names of some of our favorite composers to see what comes out. What hidden meanings might be lurking in these famous names?

At, we discovered that:

Johann Sebastian Bach =
"Aha! Enchantin' bass job!"

Which sounds perfectly appropriate for that great composer of SATB choral works.

But the following was news to us:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart =
"A famous German waltz god"


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