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UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller Resigns, Industry Nervously Eyes Her Successor Sajid Javid

by James Inverne   Apr 13, 2014 17:50 PM EDT

It's all change at the top of the UK arts scene as the government's Culture Secretary Maria Miller resigns after becoming embroiled in a scandal over her expenses (she was cleared of the major charges, but still has to pay several thousand pounds of claimed expenses back). Music pros on social media were hardly lamenting her departure, but neither as yet were they over-optimistic about her successor, Sajid Javid.

A cool reception for Mr. Javid was somewhat predictable, partly because he comes from the Treasury and has no known track record for involvement in the arts. One person in the classical music industry pointed out on Facebook that in an old interview he had named U2 as the music he most admires (which will not be music to the ears of orchestra chiefs and the like).


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