The Green Bay Packers haven't been doing too well this 2015 NFL season, and as the schedule is headed towards the playoffs, fans are pretty worried. They're so worried, in fact, that they've started to blame the poor performances of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his personal life off the field, namely, his girlfriend Olivia Munn. If you're aware of the couple's dating life, you know that this isn't the first time that the actress has been blamed for Rodgers' on-field attributes, mainly blaming their sex life for his lackluster showings. Munn isn't happy with the latest gossip spreading around the media and has responded on Twitter to the slander. Read more on this news below.

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Munn is funny, talented and a pretty great interview, so when the actress opened up about her sex life with her boyfriend in the past, Packers fans weren't too happy. Again, with the latest dip in the team's performance, fans are blaming Munn on social media.

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While Munn is fine with fans voicing their opinions online, a recent article from ESPN's Rob Demovsky cited "off-field issues" were to blame for the quarterback's issues (via UPROXX). Munn clearly wasn't happy about this and posted a message to her Twitter in response, calling out the media that was covering this news this way. Check out her posts right here: