Leave it to Black Twitter to supply the perfect hashtags for almost any situation. While the holidays are meant to bring people together and celebrate the good times, the preparation process can also cause some stress. A new hilarious hashtag (#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies) has begun to generate a lot of attention on social media, and they're bound to put anyone in a good mood. These are the 27 best memes to put you in the holiday spirit before Thanksgiving on Thursday (Nov. 26).

The new topic of conversation, #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, highlights some of the annoying, but mostly comical, common occurrences that take place around this holiday season in Black households. The hashtag practically broke the Internet overnight, as users scrolled down memory lane reliving similar situations with their families and preparing to endure them all over again for the new year.

Who doesn't love learning there are several other families in the world that are just as crazy as yours? From crazy cousins (yes, even your favorite ones), waiting in line for food, the eternal dinner prayer to the extra nosey aunts, and excessive take-home plates, the memes were almost too relatable to not laugh at.

So before you get ready to devour that homemade mac n' cheese and someone gets their feelings hurt in a game of spades, check out these ridiculously funny #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies memes below. Happy holidays!

1. There are certain dishes that are gone in the first 10 minutes

2. Everybody has that one cousin...

3. Like what have we been doing for the past 48 hours?

4. Because your stomach started saying its own prayer about 20 minutes ago

5. Yes, let it all pour out chile!

6. What really determines when it's times to leave

7. Come on ma!

8. Because the prayer is still in progress

9. Pass the rock!

10. Bye!

11. Because you were waiting for these words at the door!

12. Ha, not today Satan!

13. Watch your mouth little one

14. How many times can we eat cabbage ma?

15. We see you auntie!

16. We're all family right?

17. I'm only going to ask once

18. Turn up!

19. Too deep?

20. I'm going to let you finish but...

21. Because one clearly means seven

22. One more bite won't hurt, right?

23. *Insert side-eye emoji*

24. Wait, what?

25. Some of these coats are about to end up on the floor

A photo posted by Kia Guest Brown (@kiapsiphi) on Nov 24, 2015 at 6:07pm PST

26. The worst!

27. The kitchen counter is not even an option