The wonderful and amazing Prince is back for the second time this year with a new album! The album titled, HITnRUN Phase Two, is the follow up to his September release, HITnRUN Phase One. And as you can already imagine, it is perfect.

The album comes as a surprise to some that weren't carefully paying attention to Prince's social media. The singer returned to Instagram in October and to mark this great event, he posted a whole bunch of throwback Thursday photos and hilarious memes. The photos were perfect and displayed some of the best times in Prince's career.

Unlike the first release, this album has no features on it. The 12-track album is a beautiful blend of Prince's sultry voice, soulful & rock 'n' roll beats and musical memories never lost. HITnRUN Phase Two is definitely Prince's way of making up for the cancellation of his most recent tour. Prince, being the kind-hearted person he is, canceled his tour due to the most recent attacks in Paris.

The tour was due to feature Prince on a piano not a guitar. When asked why he was changing it up, he said, "Why do this now? For several reasons. For starters it is a challenge," he told Cultura. "I rarely get bad reviews because this is something that's been perfected for over thirty years. You have to try new things. With the piano it is more naked, more pure. You can see exactly what you get."

HITNRUN Phase Two track list: 1. "Baltimore" 2. "Rocknroll Loveaffair" 3. "2 Y. 2 D." 4. "Look At Me, Look At You" 5. "Stare" 6. "Xtra Loveable" 7. "Groovy Potential" 8. "When She Comes" 9. "Screwdriver" 10. "Black Muse" 11. "Revelation" 12. "Big City" You can stream snippets and download HITnRUN Phase One and HITnRUN Phase Two on Tidal now. This is for both Tidal subscribers and non-subscribers alike!

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