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Kris Bowers Teaches YouTubers the History of Jazz Piano Playing from the 1800s to Now, NPR Makes Corrections

by Ian Holubiak   Apr 29, 2014 10:32 AM EDT

YouTube can always secure a firm grip on the latest trending media. Perhaps one of those videos that has become a household, well, vid, is the "Evolution of Dance" phenomenon.

You remember it, maybe fragments of a orange-shirt, jean-wearing dance virtuoso, taking you through the steps of dance history, in the most interesting way he can.

Pianist Kris Bowers, in a similar vein as history's evolution of coordinated steps, is more than just a Thelonius Monk Competition winner.

Now, he's also a youthful sensation who, along with YouTube veterans CDZA, provides a brief overview of piano stylings from the late 1800s to now.


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