Warpaint bassist, Jenny Lee Lindberg, just dropped her debut solo album under the name jennylee. The Nevada-born artist also announced a tour in support of the new release, Pitchfork reports. Titled right on!, the album was co-produced by Lindberg alongside Norm Block and features fellow Warpaint bandmate Stella Mozgawa as well as Dan Elkan of Them Hills and Broken Bells.

The 10 track album is out now via Rough Trade Records and as Brooklyn Vegan points out, is streaming on Spotify. Give the entire album a listen, below.

Upon first listen, right on! sounds like it picks up where Warpaint most recently left off and fans of the band who have been craving new material will definitely dig it. While the album retains much of Lindberg's signature groove that permeates the band's discography, she incorporates elements of '80s and '90s college radio goth into her solo work. It's hazy, dreamy, and at moments psychedelic, but with a new wave aura.

While the artist's solo debut is essentially bass-heavy pop--her meticulous bass skills are audibly on-point throughout--it is worth noting that she does not fall into any of the old traps that bassists tend to fall into when they go solo. That is to say that the bass is very much present but never once overshadows other parts of the composition, namely her breathy vocals that occasionally break into a somewhat jarring howl.

Lindberg had previously shared a video for the track "never" before the full album's release. The song itself takes on the darker side of new wave yet remains dancefloor-ready and it is reminiscent of The Cure. The song serves as a good introduction to the rest of the album. The video, co-directed by Mia Kirby alongside jennylee, gets the balance of melancholic and ecstatic right by juxtaposing grainy footage of the artist dancing with clips of her in the studio. Check out the video for "never" below.

It's worth noting that while this year has seen a lot of side and solo projects from all members of the band, Warpaint is still absolutely together--they're just taking it slow for the time being. Vocalist/guitarist Theresa Wayman has been working on a solo album and recently dropped a single titled "I'm Down With That" alongside All We Are bassist Guro Gikling and Hot Chip/Yeasayer drummer Sarah Jones under the moniker BOSS. Meanwhile, the band's guitarist/vocalist, Emily Kokal, has dropped a few tracks with other artists, most notably "Wishing Song" with Paul Bergmann.