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Dillon Francis, Martin Garrix Share 'Set Me Free' Video, New Website

by Ryan Middleton   Dec 15, 2015 14:24 PM EST

Dillon Francis and Martin Garrix have unveiled the quirky and odd music video for their 2014 collaboration "Set Me Free." The track was originally released as a promotional single for Dillon Francis' debut artist album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. In addition to the new video, the pair have also created a website that appears to have arrived from the strangest depths of the "Bun Up The Dance" producer's mind.

The video starts out on the new website that was created for the video http://dillonfrancismartingarrixfanzonenumberonefansonly.com. Yes that is a real website and all of the things that are shown in the video are actually there. The various tabs link to some rather random YouTube videos and photos.

The video compiles just about everything internet one could imagine with cats, video games and random stock images of people twisting back and forth. This is a video where you will discover new things every time you go through, much like the "Where Are Ü Now" clip. Prepare to have you mind scrambled.

It seems a bit odd that the video for this song that ended up being the most successful one from the album was released over a year later, but there was a reason for it. Francis explained on Snapchat this afternoon that they filmed the original concept a long time ago, but had to scrap it because it wasn't good enough.

The old video had some amazing shots of them sleeping together, at a circus and doing karate, but it didn't have a cohesive story-line to put together. They were going to give up and just not put out a video, but Dillon's manager told him about Dan Streit at Mad Decent, who could salvage anything. They sat down and went over a new idea and this is the final product.

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