Actress Kerry Washington has things "handled" once again—this time as the very first creative ambassador of nail polish beauty brand OPI. The Scandal star is reportedly well-known for her love of bright nail polish shades, and should have a ball dreaming up and co-designing a nail lacquer line with OPI co-founder and creative director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, who also works as a brand ambassador for the company.

According to Weiss-Fischmann, Washington was a no-brainer. "When the opportunity came around to have Kerry join OPI as our creative ambassador, the answer was instantly yes," the creative director said. "She empowers women through her sophisticated style, humor and confidence. Most of all, she has a huge love of nail lacquer and has worn OPI for years and years. I'm looking forward to working with Kerry in 2016 to create some new and fabulous OPI shades."

The Django Unchained actress and mother of one seemed equally excited. "This is going to be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to testing out new colors on the red carpet," Washington said. "The fun, for me, is that nail lives in the crossover space between fashion and beauty. I love to play with nail color on the red carpet and explore new shades."

Beauty keeps Washington busy, as she has also been a creative consultant with beauty bigwig Neutrogena since 2013. Her dream is to take Neutrogena into the land of more diversity. According to the actress, Neutrogena is planning to expand its color wheel, adding more foundation hues, which Washington said was, "something that was especially important to me, so that we'll be able to have a shade for every ethnicity."

Her interest in more makeup equality extends to lip colors, too. "I want to increase access to beauty to women of all ethnicities," she said. "Nude looks different depending on your skin tone and that's the fashion and beauty world I want to live in, where everyone has the ability to express the beauty that reflects them. I love being able to be an influencer in the space."

See what Washington posted on Instagram about her new role with OPI below!