As the end-of-the-year best album compilations start to emerge from music publications far and wide,  Kacey Musgraves' Pageant Material has found its way onto many of those lists, and her October performance at the Grand Ole Opry proves why she's beloved by country fans new and old.

The singer took the historic stage dressed in a glittery pink one-piece outfit complete with a matching bandana around her neck back in October for the venue's annual Opry Goes Pink event to support breast cancer awareness. Video from the event has recently surfaced of her performing the classic country song "I've Been Everywhere."

It's a rapid-fire song that has its roots in late '50s Australian country music, according to Rolling Stone Country. The verses are a quick succession of cities and locations that have more in common with a modern rap song than contemporary country, and showing there is some historical precedent for the recent rise of rap in country music.

The song starts on a slow, crooning, slide-guitar verse before hitting the chorus, when the pace drastically picks up. Some of her pronunciations got slurred together once she gets into the second and third verses, but it's hard to imagine anyone avoiding that problem given the difficulty of the song.

Watch her performance below.

Following the breakout success of Same Trailer Different Park, the young country singer followed it up with this year's Pageant Material. The commercial success of Musgraves' brand of more authentic, non-bro country set the stage for a number of other country artists to get a taste of the limelight.

Chris Stapleton is perhaps the most prominent example of the effect Musgraves has had on the genre; his outlaw country vocal styling led him to a sweep of the CMAs this year. Other substantive country, artists such as Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson , received accolades in the past year.

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