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Lana Del Rey Files Restraining Order Against Two Female Fans After They Slept Outside Her Home

by Cailey Lindberg   Jan 4, 2016 10:04 AM EST

Lana Del Rey has filed a restraining order against two female fans who had been harassing her outside of her home. Russian women Nataliia Krinitsyna and Luliia Vladimirovna had caused the "Honeymoon" singer to be afraid for her life. The fans have been described as "fanatic stalkers." Due to the harassment, Del Rey has hired a full-time body guard in addition to off duty LAPD to protect her.

As reported by TMZ, the two women had in the past left letters for the singer with threats of violence and had additionally screamed at her in public places. The report received by the site states that Del Rey had moved to avoid the two, but they soon located her new residence and began sleeping outside her house. The restraining order stipulates that the two women must remain 100 yards clear of Del Rey and her home.

Del Rey has received a good deal of unsolicited attention from fans this year and a man was even arrested after stealing two of the singer's cars. Reportedly, he broke into her garage and lifted her Jaguar XK and then returned to steal the 2015 F-Type. Following the incident the main had two counts of burglary and two counts of felony joyriding brought against him. There was additionally a fan who camped in the singer's garage who was arrested Nov. 30.

Crazed fans are not the only ones that Del Rey has a dramatic effect on. In a recent interview with NME, Brit rockers Foals spoke on the time that they met the singer at a dinner.

"She was in Paris, just being Lana Del Rey and ended up coming to dinner via a mutual friend. I got really excited. I'm in awe of her. It's funny to see someone like that. She's really nice. I didn't say anything. I was like a sweaty teenager, wanting to hide under the table," the band's frontman Yannis Philippakis said.

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