It is official, Rick Ross is no longer a part of the All Star Def Jam Team! The rapper has signed to Epic Records according to the record label's Twitter. This may not come as a surprise to many because there have been a few hints here and there from the Teflon Don that he may be leaving Def Jam but nothing was confirmed until yesterday.

Ross had been signed with Def Jam since 2006 and released eight albums under the label including Black Market. Though Ross left the label, he did state in his last interview with The Breakfast Club that there was only love for them. "I'ma be honest, right now we are in the middle of re-negotiations. It's a lot of people coming to the table. It's a lot of people bringing a lot of new excitement to the table," he said. "It is my last album [with] Def Jam Records. I've been nothing but successful, they been a part of everything that I've created. They helped built this empire that I am a part of, and I respect and love them for that. Right now, you know where we at, ya dig? Most definitely, shout out to L.A. Reid, ya dig?"

Obviously, the small mention of L.A. Reid, started the speculation that Ross would be moving to Epic. He also posted a photo with L.A. Reid on his Twitter that pushed the rumors to the next level:

It seems that the record deal with Epic is a solo deal and it has yet to be confirmed if Maybach Music Group will be a part of that deal. Maybach Music's Wale, Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh, Stalley and Omarion are all signed to Atlantic Records and Gunplay is still signed to Def Jam.  

Epic Records has been known for their successful deals with Future, Yo Gotti, Fifth Harmony and Bobby Shmurda, before he was arrested. This deal with Ross comes full circle since L.A. Reid was Def Jam's chairman before he stepped down in 2011.

Congrats Rick Ross and Epic Records!