Want to check out all of the stage theatrics of a Tomorrowland-style electronic dance music festival, but can't afford to head to any of the biggest gathering of EDM fans? It may be a slight exaggeration to put Eric Prydz's upcoming concert at Madison Square Garden on the same level as Electric Daisy, but the hype is pretty strong

The show, titled "Epic 3.0," will feature the world's largest ever indoor hologram. Outside of that statement, there are no details. What will the hologram appear as? How big is the "world's biggest?" We don't know, but we can say that we're awfully excited to find out. Plus, when fans aren't ogling at the (hopefully) colossal projection, there will be more than two hours of original animations to accompany Prydz's music. 

The Swedish producer has promised that the show will feature never-before-heard music in spots, but he's not one to deny the appeal of special effects. 

"For me its always first and foremost about the music, and I'll be spending the next few months preparing all-new exclusives for the show," he told Rolling Stone. "But rest assured my production team will create a visual experience that will blow people's minds, we have discussed some preliminary ideas and it's going to be crazy."

The concert isn't to be held until September 27, but there's registration available for fans that want to get in on the pre-sale. It may be a stretch to call New York City the EDM capitol of the United States, but there's little doubt they'll fill this show. 

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