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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap: DJ Self Has a New Side Chick? MariahLynn & Sexxy Lexxy Beef

by Morgan Murrell   Jan 19, 2016 13:58 PM EST

On Monday (Jan. 18), big revelations occurred during season six, episode six of Love & Hip Hop: New York. The popular VH1 reality series aired their most recent episode, properly titled "Fallout." In this recap, fans discover pregnancy news from a love triangle, whether or not DJ Self will pursue a new side chick, and why MariahLynn and Sexxy Lexxy are still beefing.

The show kicks off with Remy Ma and Rah Ali in a fabric store. Rah tells Remy she's working on launching a maxi-dress line and wants to hold a fashion show to celebrate the designs. Rah reveals her business partner Toya has been dropping the ball when it comes to organizing the event, so she asks Remy to help her. Remy is hesitant at first, because it seems like whenever Rah has too much on her plate, she calls on her to clean up the mess. Despite her hesitation, Remy decides to help Rah put the show together.

DJ Self is spending quality time with his daughter Kayla in the park. The two plan a little picnic together, but Self tells her someone else will be joining them. He invited Yorma to meet his daughter as a way to show how serious he is about their relationship. Still amazed that Self announced their relationship live on the radio, Yorma is thrilled Self extended the invite to meet his daughter. Kayla asks Yorma questions about their relationship and seems pleased with her dad's new girlfriend. Self and Yorma agree their relationship is moving in the right direction.

Peter Gunz finally returns home after Amina Buddafly decided to terminate the pregnancy. Amina's emotions are all over the place. Although she's extremely hurt by Peter's actions, she only wants to be comforted by him during this traumatic time in her life. As Peter embraces her with a big hug, Amina breaks down into tears in his chest.

BBOD is done, according to Miss Moe Money. She decides to meet up with Yandy Smith about taking the right steps to further her career. Moe opens about the demise of BBOD, her current relationship status with Sexxy Lexxy, and why she believed Rah wasn't a right fit for them from the beginning. Yandy was still confused how Rah planned on managing a music group, when the majority of her career is based in shoes. Moe asks Yandy to take her under her wing and work with her. Yandy agreed. Yandy tells Moe she wants to get her in the studio and get to know her better.

MariahLynn is on set of her video shoot for her new single, "Money Gun." She reveals she's been taken under new management by none other than Rah. Despite her past affiliation with BBOD, MariahLynn decided to take a chance on her. While MariahLynn is getting styled for her shoot, Rah arrives with some big news. Rah asks MariahLynn to perform at her forthcoming fashion show. MariahLynn jumped at the opportunity.

Tara Wallace meets with celebrity therapist, Dr. Jeff. She tells him how she first got involved with Peter and how he's been lying since the beginning of their relationship. Tara wants to figure out why she can't fully remove herself from the relationship. Before revealing more details, Tara tells Dr. Jeff some shocking news. Tara reveals she's five months pregnant by Peter. Since he's currently dealing with a similar situation with Amina, Tara is worried about how or when she should tell him. Tara is looking to avoid drama at all costs. Dr. Jeff advises Tara to tell Peter immediately and, together, figure out how to move forward from there.

Self wants his business relationship with Cardi B to flourish, so he sets her up with a stylist named Rose to prepare her to star in his music video. Rose has an ulterior motive. Rose admits she's had her eye on Self for quite some time and his hoping their business relationship will turn into something more sexual. She decides to pursue Self by asking him out to dinner, Self can't help but accept the offer. Self is looking to expand his Gwinin clothing line, believing Rose could help him with that. Her body played a close second in the reasoning behind his decision to go out with Rose.

Lexxy meets with Rah to tell her she's decided to go solo. Rah can't help but smile, admitting Lexxy should have made that move a long time ago. Rah agrees to manage Lexxy's new solo career and asks her to walk in her forthcoming maxi-dress fashion show. She agrees and gives Rah a preview of her best catwalk.

Self & Rose meet up for dinner to discuss working on his clothing line, but Rose wants more. She wastes no time telling Self how she really feels about him. Although tempted, Self tells Rose he wants to keep it business professional. Refusing to take no for an answer, Rose decides to move the conversation a little closer by sitting on his lap. Self instantly gets giddy and nervous around her. His hormones were jumping, ultimately causing him to succumb to the intense kiss she planted on him.

The night of the fashion show has finally arrived. Remy is seen putting the final touches on the event. Once again, Rah showed up extremely late, leaving Remy to decorate the event alone. Rah introduces Remy to Toya for the first time and things go downhill fast. Remy is frustrated that Toya wasn't really involved in the fashion show and then had the audacity to talk negatively about how it was set up. Remy gets fed up and tells her DJ to pack up his stuff so they can leave. Remy and Rah engage in a yelling match about loyalty and respect, leaving Remy to spew her infamous line, "no one crosses me once." At this point, Remy is ready to hop on the elevator with her DJ and leave. Remy is blown away that her friend would do this to her right before her fashion show is scheduled to start.

While holding back tears, Remy explains what made her so upset and ultimately decides to continue with the fashion show. Although the incident is now a problem of the past, Rah reveals her friendship with Remy is not in a good place right now.

MariahLynn hits the stage to kick off the fashion show, while Lexxy strutted her stuff on the stage. Lexxy felt some type of way about her performing and brings the issue up to Rah. Lexxy feels a little disrespected that Rah chose MariahLynn to perform at the event instead of her. MariahLynn walks in on their conversation and introduces herself to Lexxy. Lexxy refers to her as "the help," igniting a huge argument between the two. The noise from the argument was so loud, the guests of the event could hear every word. Although the episode ended with no fists or drinks thrown, tension was at an all time high.

Previews for the next episode show Moe in yet another confrontation. Will Moe and Bianca Bonnie square up in the studio? How will Peter react to Tara's pregnancy? Is Lexxy working on a song with French Montana? Find out all the answers to these questions next week.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

Watch the full season six, episode six of Love & Hip Hop: New York below:

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