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Four Tet Shares Two New Tracks Featuring Collaborations With Designer and Champion [LISTEN]

by Alexandria Wojcik   Jan 20, 2016 08:42 AM EST

London-based electronic producer Kieran Hebden, best known as Four Tet, shared two new tracks this week: "Mothers" is a collaboration with the Australian producer Designer, whereas "Disparate" is co-produced by UK bass producer Champion.

"Mothers" is a minimalistic 8 minute long subtle slow-burner. It draws on somewhat psychedelic, almost trance-like elements to build a detailed, shuffling progressive house track. Listen to Four Tet's collaboration with Designer below. "Disparate" creates an entirely different, but equally as textured, soundscape with jungly tribal samples and an added emphasis on the basslines and percussion. Listen to Four Tet's collaboration with Champion below. It's a bit unclear whether the tracks are flip sides of one single or if they are both A-Sides of separate singles. However, both tracks certainly stand on their own and most fans commenting on the Soundcloud streams seem to agree that both tracks represent much of what listeners have come to expect and appreciate from Hebden. 

Hebden has previously worked with both of these collaborators in the past, Thump points out. Last year he teamed up with Designer on a track titled "Dark," and in 2013 the track "Kool FM" off his Beautiful Rewind LP got the remix treatment from Champion.

Both tracks will get physical releases via Hebden's own Text imprint. In a note on the Soundcloud streams of both tracks the producer asserts that a 12″ of each tune will be "available in all good record shops soon," SPIN reports. 

In a tweet the producer hints that the latest Text vinyl releases were actually expected to arrive last year but were delayed due to the recent strain on vinyl pressing plants caused by the vinyl record boom.

These two new tracks follow shortly after Four Tet's garage-flavored collaboration with Floating Points and Katy B titled "Calm Down" which dropped last month. Revisit that track below.

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