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Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott 'Bake Sale' Released From New Album

by Ryan Middleton   Jan 22, 2016 16:05 PM EST

Travis Scott had himself a big year in 2015, releasing his debut album Rodeo, his biggest single to date "Antidote" and playing some of the biggest festivals in the world, but he is already off to a very fast start in 2016. After the radio friendly "Whole Lotta Lovin" with DJ Mustard, he was just tabbed by Wiz Khalifa to help out his new single "Bake Sale" that will appear on Wiz's new album out at the beginning of February.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this track. Various live rips and short demos of the song have been floating around the internet for the past few months, getting fans exciting for a collaboration between these two hip-hop heavyweights. The track was originally held up because the first beat was used in G-Eazy's "Order More," but then Juicy J, Lex Luger, DJ SpinzTM88 and Crazy Mike came through with a new beat.

Now it is officially out and ready to be heard by the world.

The tune is a lo-fi, chilled out smoker's anthem with radio appeal that plays to Scott's strengths and the radio sensibilities of Khalifa.

"Cookies and OG / Come to my crib, we blow by the Os / Kush, you already know / It ain't in a joint, we don't even smoke it / I keep a b*tch gettin' stoned/ We wakin' and bakin', puffin' a J / She told me that I'm her new favorite / How much do we blaze? A hundred a day," raps Khalifa.

Though Scott does not get a verse, his autotuned hooks match what is happening the radio-friendly beat.

"Bake Sale" is out now and will appear on Wiz Khalifa's next project Khalifa, out on Feb. 5. Pick up "Bake Sale" on iTunes and stream on SoundCloud.

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