If you've had enough of the ABC Thursday night hit drama series, like Scandal, being on Winter break, then you will be happy to know they have finally set a date for a February return and also released the trailer.

EUR released the trailer for the midseason premiere of the Shonda Rhimes created Thursday night hit dram and it is steamy. According to the site, in this first trailer, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is seen displaying some passionate affection to an ongoing love interest of hers. No, it's not Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). It's the other one that she so frequently goes back and forth between, former B 613 agent, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley).

From the clip, viewers can get a sense that Pope may be trying to keep her distance from President Grant (Goldwyn), as detailed from her conversation with Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield), where Abby asked her former boss if she misses the President. Pope, without hesitation responded, "No." Whether or not that's true, fans will have to wait to determine until Thursday Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. when the show makes its return.

Also set to return to the Thursday night ABC line up is Grey's Anatomy, and How To Get Away With Murder, starring Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis. ABC reported that the murder mystery series left off at the end of episode 9 for the Winter finale, with Annalise Keating (Davis) being shot by Wes (Alfred Enoch), one of her students, after revealing that the girlfriend he has been searching for so desperately, who was reportedly missing, is actually dead.

On top of that, flashbacks of Keating and a woman who appeared to bet the mother of Wes while he was very young were introduced in the last episode. So many questions are left after watching that episode. Hopefully, they will all be answered with the return of TGIT.

According to Variety, fans can also get ready to resume their Thursday night tweets with the hashtag, #TGIT and #SuitUpGladiators on Twitter.