According to Alice Cooper, his new super-group band, The Hollywood Vampires, consisting of Johnny Deep, Joe Perry, and Duff McKagan, was formed "as a means to toast our 'dead drunk friends' at the Rainbow, all the ghosts in the bar." With that in mind, it's only fitting that Cooper and company premiere their brand new song, "As Bad As I Am," at the 2016 Grammy Awards as a tribute to the recently deceased Lemmy Kilmister and his band, Motorhead.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Cooper revealed that "As Bad As I Am" is a fitting tribute to the late rocker, but the band doesn't know what other songs they plan on playing. Though Cooper is hoping to sing "Ace of Spades" to the Grammys crowd this month (via UPROXX).

Cooper considers Lemmy a friend, so he shared a great story about the Motorhead bassist and frontman.

"Lemmy was one of those salt-of-the-earth guys," Cooper told the magazine. "Find me somebody who didn't love Lemmy. He's just one of those guys that's impossible not to like. He was always funny. I'm a 'healed' alcoholic and I haven't had anything to drink in 35 years. A lot of people that drink always feel a little bit like they owe an explanation to me. A couple weeks before his death, Lemmy came up to me and said, 'Alice, I've quit drinking.' And he's got a glass in his hand. And I go, 'Really?' And he says, 'Yeah, I don't drink whiskey anymore. I drink vodka.' And I went, 'Lemmy, do you think your liver has any idea what color the alcohol is?' He said, 'well it's a step down from whiskey.' And I went, 'OK. Any step's a good step.'"

You'll be able to check out this performance Monday, Feb. 15 on CBS.