Jimi Hendrix began his unforgettable career while living in a London flat with girlfriend Kathy Etchingham on Brook Street, a period of the gutiarist's life heavily depicted in the 2014, Andre-3000 led biopic, All is By My Side. That same Brook Street flat has been fully transformed into a Hendrix-centered museum, soon to be open to the public.

The "Little Wing" singer referred to the flat as "the only home I ever had." Now, his home has been fully restored and is available for the public to take a step inside the guitar genius' living quarters-complete with rugs, tapestries, and current (at the time) newspapers spread across the desk, Newsweek reports. One room in particular will host album covers and a catalogue of Hendrix''s top played records, which he spinned on a Bang & Olufsen. Making it seem a little more real, perhaps too real, is a blood stained copy of Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited.

"It was barely furnished when we took it but I thought it could be ideal for us," Etchingham told BBC"The fireplace is the same and the shelves and the cupboard. The windows and the woodchip paper and the wonky floors - it's all the same."

The Brook Street residence, however, isn't the only former musician dwelling to be renovated, turned into a museum or dubbed a landmark. Graceland, the most famous tourist attraction was once the humble abode of Elvis Presley. Just the same as the Hendrix museum, the 17,000 square foot Memphis home was fully preserved and restored into a shrine for devoted fans of the king.

The Los Angeles apartment of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love was eerily and recently listed for rent on AirBnb. The current resident, Brian Kleinman offered the bit of Nirvana history to prospective renters for just $290 a night. The couple called the apartment home while Love was pregnant with their child, Frances Bean Cobain.

Frank Zappa is the latest musician to have his home transformed into a museum. The California residence is now an exhibition called "Someplace Else Right Now," a nod to his original track.

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