You And I, a new album of previously unreleased Jeff Buckley rarities is due out this March. The late singer's rendition of The Smiths' 1986 The Queen Is Dead track "I Know It's Over" comes to life in a poignet new video shared ahead of the posthumous release.

The video tells the quiet narrative of a mother and her restless young son who cannot sleep in his own bed. As Rolling Stone points out, Buckley himself permeates the video: a sweep of the child's room reveals alphabet blocks with the initials "J" and "B," and vintage footage of Buckley performing appears on the television during a brief scene in which the child plays his guitar.

The video was directed by Amanda Demme and executive produced by Amy Redford. It premiered on Rolling Stone earlier this week, but you can watch it via the artist's YouTube below:

About the video, Redford said "When I first heard Jeff, he gave me permission to feel fully and with contradiction. He inspired me to fight for authenticity, and to feel confidence in simplicity," Pitchfork reports.

Redford added "To collaborate on these songs coming to life, and to see the community of people who Jeff touched, has been a privilege."

"I Know It's Over" is one of two Smiths covers featured on You and I; the other is "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side."

The new video follows the crooner's previously unheard covers of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman" and Sly & The Family Stone's "Everyday People."

The forthcoming ten-track album is a compilation of songs recorded early in the singer-songwriter's career as demos for his debut album, 1994's Grace. It also features acoustic, lo-fi covers of Led Zeppelin's "Night Flight," Jvetta Steele's "Calling You" and Bukka White's "Poor Boy Long Way From Home." Additionally it contains early versions of "Grace" and "Dream of You and I."