Taylor Swift has embarked on the final leg of her Red tour but has her sights on the upcoming follow-up to her 2012 album, which she is calling her "favorite" record yet.

During a press conference in Shanghai, she talked about the work she's already done on the new record, which she looks forward to finishing once she's back in the US.

"It's been a very long tour, and we've taken the tour all over the world, and this will be our last leg of the Red Tour. We're not going to announce some other leg of the tour, but what that does mean is I can throw myself into the next project," she said. "I've already been working very hard on it, and it's already my favorite thing that I've ever created."

She continued: "The idea that after Asia, I get to go back and finish everything, and get everything completely done and wrapped up for a new project, it's very exciting. It's exciting to be here, and it's exciting to know that this is the end of a sort of a musical era of my life that I'm very proud of. It's also exciting to move onto the next one."

Her Red tour wraps up in Singapore on June 12, so more details (and hopefully a track or two) on the new record should be coming sometime this year.

Watch the full interview below (via Fuse), and leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

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