Supreme clothing has responded to Morrissey's allegations regarding the unapproved use of his image in a new clothing advertisement, his feelings for which the former Smiths singer recently expressed via his fan site True to You.

The image, which was photographed by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, depicts Moz wearing a plain white T-shirt with the brand's signature logo in the middle. The ad has been surfacing via Instagram, from users in both Japan and France.

Shortly after the images began to surgace, the "Meat Is Murder" singer posted a statement to the fan site, stating that he feels "shame" over the ad, which he says he did not give his official approval for, due to the brand's involvement with "the beef sandwich pharoah" White Castle.

Now, as reported by Stereogum, the clothing giant has responded with a lengthy history of the arrangement, stating that "Morrissey required a substantial fee for his participation in this project which Supreme paid up front and in full. ... The agreement prohibits Morrissey from 'unreasonably' withholding approval of the use of photographs taken at the photo shoot."

Supreme alleged attempted to resolve Morrissey's issues regarding the ad, even offering him the option to refund the money in full to dissolve the ad, but the statement continues, adding that "After offering Morrissey several options of images from the shoot, Morrissey rejected them all with no explanation. ... After many attempts to solve this problem, and left with no other viable options, Supreme proceeded to publish these images as per it's agreement with Morrissey."

The British rock icon is not new to issues regarding animal rights, stirring up controversies nearly everywhere he goes, even to the point of refusing to go on stage at a venue that was serving meat during his scheduled performance. Morrissey recently released his debut fiction novel, List of the Lost, which achieved the Bad Sex In Fiction award for its criticized poorly written sex scenes.

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