Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all got a little makeover for The Powerpuff Girls reboot, and now the show's iconic theme song is also sounding a little different. On Monday (Feb. 15), Cartoon Network released the new Powerpuff Girls song, "Who's Got the Power?" courtesy of Seattle pop-rock quartet Tacocat. And while some fans may be divided on the all-now theme, it does rock pretty hard.

Though the new Powerpuff Girls theme song begins the same was as the beloved '90s original, with the recipe for a perfect little girl and those familiar chords, the song soon takes a left turn with some poppy yet dark basslines and a carefree vocal from the girls of Tacocat. The Powerpuff Girls have always been all about girl power, and the new theme song is fun, sassy and strong just like the trio themselves.

The new season of Powerpuff Girls is set to debut on Cartoon Network in April. And April is set to be a big month for Tacocat. Not only will their theme song be hitting the airwaves, but the band's third studio album Lost Time is due for release on April 1, NME reports. Following the release of the album's lead single "I Hate the Weekend," the band also released a new track "Talk."

Tacocat Lost Time Tracklist:

01. Dana Katherine Scully
02. FDP
03. I Love Seattle
04. I Hate the Weekend
05. You Can't Fire Me, I Quit
06. The Internet
07. Plan A, Plan B
08. Talk
09. Men Explain Things to Me
10. Horse Grrls
11. Night Swimming
12. Leisure Bees

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